The Civil War (Victory Games) opponent wanted

Are there any takers for a game of the above via PBEM? I played a good deal a few years ago using Vassal but may be a bit rusty now.

Do you play the GMT games version? I am trying to learn the that version.

Sorry but I only have the Victory Games title.

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Which edition of the TCW rules do you use?

i’m up for a game if you are interested still.


I would love to play Victory Games Civil War designed by Eric Lee Smith, 1983. Richard Cuccia,,

I own this game and I’m interested, if you’re still looking for an opponent.

Hello Brian,
Thanks for your reply. I found an an opponent and am half way through a game so am fully occupied at the moment but maybe we could play at some point in the future.

Well, this is a dead thread because the originator of the thread already has a game, but I would play one of the others who responded.