The Dark Valley Deluxe Edition

I’m a newbie on this game but it seems really interesting. I’ve been playing wargames for 50 years so I not a newbie to board games.
I’m willing to play either side.

Hi there gw15, I am interested. Have played a couple of times

Okay, what side would you like to play?

I’m still looking for an opponent.

I’d give it a go.
Never played this one but not new to Vassal or wargames.
Might be a bit rusty on the rules.

If you are still looking for an opponent for PBEM play, I will give it a try. Email me at

Hi gw15,

EIther side is fine with me, you can e-mail me at

Thank you for responding but I have an opponent now. If he vanishes I will contact you.

Thanks everyone for your interest. I have an opponent, so I guess this is closed for now.