The Gamers BCS Series Arracourt

The module for Arracourt is now available HERE

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Hi, Jim!
Thank you for the Arracourt module!
We’re several turns into our first play, and we’ve noticed that the Pointer function doesnt work, and that no German formations appear in the Not Done HQ box. Apart from these little bugs, we’re having a great time.

Russ Rider

Hi Russ,

I’ll get the German HQ problem fixed in the next day or two.

Don’t know what you mean by “Pointer function” so need some help with what you mean.


I just submitted an update for the Arracourt VASSAL module so it should be available in a day or so.

ver 1.03

  1. Fixed German HQs not showing in “Not Done HQs”
  2. Fixed so HQs in OOAs don’t show in “Not Done Hqs”
  3. Fixed “Map Flare” to work with Alt-LeftClick