The Korean War-VG edition

Looking for an opponent for live play or PBEM. I’ve been playing solo for couple times but never win as UN, so I would like to play as NK to see what should UN player do.

I have this game on my table at the moment. First time playing and liking it very much.
What is your time zone?
PBEM might be a bit difficult due to the highly interactive sequence.

GMT+8 here, and yes, prefer live play.

GMT+11 East coast of Australia.
What is your preferred day and time for gaming?

Will be free at 18:00-20:00(your time 21:00-23:00) . Except Wednesday, I’m all good next week.

Is a session between 18:00 and 20:00 (your time) on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday starting Sun 10th March suit you?
My email address is: