The Making of the President: 1960

I’ve not played this game yet, but I have been reading the rules and feel I could blunder my way through a game. Is there anyone out there willing to play a game against a newby to help him to get his feet wet?

This is a great game. If you like politics or a very intense bite your nails game, this is the game for you. Althought Vassal is great there is a much better way to play the game, especially for a newbie. Go to For about five US dollars you can play the game there. I prefer GTO to Vassal because, for a newbie, it totally takes the guesswork out the the game. All the figuring out of things is done for you. For me it is a much easier way to play the game. It cost a little but it is well worth it. Look me up my GTO name is carygames, or reply to this post and maybe we can setup a time and date to play on GTO.

I have this, and haven’t played it yet. Drop me a line if you want to give it a go.