Looking for someone who would like to play The Next War by SPI. Have had the game for over 30 years without ever having played a live opponent. Have played it solo several times though and am familar with the rules. Would like to play with all the optional rules. Live in CST and am available evenings, some afternoons, and weekends to play.

Hi Richard - I am interested in giving it a go. Haven’t played in 30 yrs myself. I am EST in USA, and would prefer {BEM since I never seem to have a solid schedule, other than I am home at some point most nights!

Prefer a smaller scenario to start, with maybe some of the optional rules sprinkled in to give some time to re-learn the monster.


sorry too so long to reply have new job and it has kept me busy Would love to play if your still interested. small scenario is good idea. campaign game is quite a monster. did you have a scenario in mind? i will play any of them. Will play either side also. If your still interested let me know.

Richard- no worries. Still interested, yes. I’ll have to refresh myself on the rules and look at the scenarios. Looks like I can get VASSAL v 1.21 running with the Fulda scenario. Maybe try that. I’ll be the Waraw Pact.

Sounds good to me. Dont mind playing NATO. Will be ready to start when you are.