The Russian Campaign 5thE, Opponents Wanted

Good morning all,

I’m looking for opponents for the Russian Campaign, 5th edition. I don’t mind the sides or optionals, though I’d prefer Russian as I have a German game going. Any skill level welcome, somewhat of an amateur myself.

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I would like to play…but, I only have a hard copy. Where is the Vassal version?

You can find it here: Module:The Russian Campaign - Vassal

LOL, I did find it. I searched with a R instead of a T. I’ll send you a PM

We’re in the process of replacing the current module library. Once that’s done, modules for games starting with articles will no longer be alphabetized under A, An, or The.


Contact me on if still interested

I am looking for a Vassal opponent for TRC. I saw your post, so let me know if you still want to play.

Hey Jeffe. I think I attached my email:

Reach out whenever!