The Russian Campaign: Need opponent

Hi, look for an opponent for the Russian Campaign of Avalon Hill (per Email). Someone interested? If yes, then please contact: Best regards

I would be up for several games.

I can do PBEM however I would really prefer virtual live play.

Either way, I prefer to play the original game with SVC’s however no optional rules.

Let me know

I’m also available to play TRC. I recently started playing this old classic and have a few games under my belt. Starting to appreciate its beauty and depth.

I’m going to call out Tac above as someone who quit a game of TRC after a few turns as the Germans in a bad position- he had captured only Kiev with armor surrounded around Smolensk. He quit by failing to respond to any further communications. He did accuse of me of cheating on some dice rolls as well on his last log file. Can’t recommend him as an opponent.

R U still looking for opponents for TRC or any other AH games?