Third Reich

Looking to play pbem or on vassal

Which version of 3R are you looking to play?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I forgot I posted this here I ended up posting on Board game Geek and ended up in a 5 player game were playing the 4th edition. We are playing by email. If your interested in an email game using Vassal we can do that.

If anybody’s interested in playing by email using Vassal. Or is interested in watching a game were posting the game with screen shots on search Rise and decline of the third Reich.

I would be interested in a PBEM using Vassal.

I have never played a multi-player game before. I would be interested if a game is started. Thanks.


So it looks like we may have 3. Dolbee123, sethmoko (me), and lancel. I’m brand new to vassal so don’t feel quite comfortable starting and initiating. Any other takers? Anybody to set it up?

I’ll set it up we may have a few more players I sent you a PM if you got it send me your email.

hi I just got on to VASSAL, I would like to play Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. I have not used VASSAL to play an actual game yet, perhaps I could observe.

I am also up for a game. I have a hard copy of the game plus the rulesets.
you can PM me or I will wait a few days and pm the rest of you :slight_smile:

I used to play this game some about 30 years again, and would like to play again. I was hoping that someone my live near me. I live in Kingsland GA, which is about 40 miles from Jacksonville, FL

I’d be interested in a game but live in the UK so live play is probably out unless you live in Europe, how about PBEM anyone?

Interested in playing Third Reich by email or other means. I haven’t played in decades but re-found the game recently. Would need to knock the rust off first. Anyone interested, let me know…I am in US.