Three issues with creating a module.

Hello, I just started creating a module today, and I’ve ran into three issues that I can’t figure out on my own.

  1. Masking does not work after a card has been drawn. I can not mask a card and place it on the table, face down. Masking is set up though a prototype.

  2. If a card is placed onto another card, they instantly become a stack and have a chance of “sticking together” and not being able to separate the two. This occurs only on the playing field and in the discard pile. The regular deck and any cards in a player’s hand work fine.

  3. Sending a card back to the deck does not place it in the deck; Rather, it gets placed to the upper right of the deck, and it’s impossible to add it back into the deck from that location. It is possible to add it back to the deck after I move it’s location.

I’m not sure if these are easy problems to solve, or if you’d have to take a look at what I’ve actually done in my module. If anyone is willing to do either of those, I’d be very, very grateful.

Incase you’re wondering, I’m working on a module for the card game “HACK!” based off of the “Knights of the Dinner Table” comic.


  1. Certainly of wrong use of the Mask trait

  2. Try to put the dedicated trait “Does Not Stack” on your cards

  3. Try to put a “Return to Deck” trait on yout cards … Using this trait into the Editor mode, point on the required deck .

Regards from Paris,


Masking defines the back of the card but it does not control whether a card is face up or down. There’s an option in the properties for the deck the cards are drawn from that states “Contents are face down”. Mark this as “Always”.

As Softbug said, you need a “Does not Stack” trait included in your card prototype. Also, I should point out that if things stick together in a stack, you can separate them by double clicking the stack.

If you’re using a “Send to Location” trait it may not be sending the card to the location you want but, as Softbug said, you don’t want to use that trait anyway. You want to use the “Return to Deck” trait. This trait name is actually a misnomer …you can use this trait to send a card to any deck …not just the one it was drawn from.

I do have that option selected under “deck” for the specific deck that I am working with. I can’t figure the issue out.

That fixed that one! Thanks!

That’s the trait that I am using, and it still returns the card to a pile that doesn’t exist. It also returns it unmasked.

I also have two “return to deck” traits. The first is called “Return to deck”, and it’s supposed to do just that. The other is “Discard”, which is supposed to put the card in the Discard pile. However, that doesn’t even show up when right clicking the card.

Send me the mod, if you like. I’ll take a look at it. Send it to my E-mail address.