Through the Ages 2.46 bug report(s) and questions


Playing version 2.46 solo, when the red player plays a war or an aggression, there is a bug where the card remains in the players’ hand. The specific text is Bad Data in Module - Enslave[Send to War Board] Region Not Found Region[$Owner$war] RedWar. This bug does not disrupt the game in any way. The red player is able to manually place the card into the designated spot on the main map, and everything continues to operate smoothly. I thought you’d want to know about it.

There is another possible bug, and I’m sorry I don’t have more details (it was 2am when it happened). When I completed Fast Food Chains (I think), the completed wonder did not appear in the civilization. If I can recreate that, I’ll post it.

I have some questions as well. I just discovered that completed wonders can be used for their special powers in some cases (i.e. right clicking on Ocean Liners allows the player to increase his population for free). That is a very nice touch! O.K., so that wasn’t a question, just a thank you. With wonders that “immediately score,” is there a way to do that through the module (i.e. right clicking, or something), or should we do that manually?

When resolving wars and aggressions, is there a way to do that through the module, such as right clicking (I’ve tried that), or do we just manually adjust what needs to change and then discard the card?

Most important, is there any way to trigger the final scoring after the game ends? I haven’t figured that out yet, other than manually going through the past events deck and scoring each age III event by hand.

OK, thanks so much for such a great module. TTA is basically my favorite game, and I am getting a lot of quality use out of this mod.

Chris Buhl