Through the Ages

Anybody for Through the Ages, by email? I would prefer 3- or 4-player.

This is my first spin on Vassal but I’m a big TTA fan so I’d be up for it. Count me in please.


I would be happy to play TTA by e-mail.

Sign me up.


I would be up for it as well.

Looks like we have 4 players then, what’s the next step.

Btw have any/all of you played TTA by-mail before using Vassal? I ask because it’s going to be my first go at this so I may need some help with the basics. I’m a quick study though, usually :slight_smile:

I believe you have the save game at the moment Cathal so you open the program and select a color to play - you will see that Clay has already taken White.

You will want to select the option to start logging and complete your turn and then e-mail to all of us the log file that I then pick up, play my turn and mail onwards again.

Clay mailed out some instructions to follow. The main thing to remember about Vassal is that it does not know the rules of the game - so you can move your score markers wherever you want to - but of course we will spot it! :slight_smile:

I should be able to send you better instructions later once I am home if you need it.

skippen we are going to need your e-mail address to play.