Thu or Fri night Eclipse game


I’m looking to start a weekly Eclipse game, either thu or fri night. We would play for a few hrs in the evening depending on what people are comfortable with. Afterwards if not over the game could be completed throughout the rest of the week via email. Looking for 3+ players and ready to start this week. Post here if interested and we can work out the details.


I’m game; friday night would be better for me.

hi i would like to play some games as well, im new 2 vassall and it might be a little problem for me to deal with interface but i will handle i guess :slight_smile: ive played eclipse ~10 in RL :slight_smile:

That sounds good. I was looking for a game, fri and sat, i will try to be online. I am new 2 eclipse, just know the rules.

Would be real keen, just a newb here looking for games.

Don’t know the rules but pick up fast. :smiley: