Thunder in the East

Looking for an opponent to play TitE. I can play either side, Barbarossa campaign,
dropbox, 4-5 turns/week. I’ve played a few turns.

I’ve played only half a turn, but read carefully the rules (many times!). Send me a PM if interested.

Optional rules? I like them all.

Can you play multiplayer using Vassal/Thunder in the East?

If you need one more count me in

To an extent. You can have Soviet and Axis players. The only difference is access to the private windows for Event Card decks and hands. You can have a Solitaire player join in, but that player will have full access. Even an Observer can have a lot of control, but his player-ally would have to manage the private windows.

The TITE game itself only has two sides.

There is a Designer side, that I use to build the scenarios, which is the same as Solitaire, but can manipulate the invisible on-map “units” for things like supply centers. You can do damage to your game playing as the Designer, so I don’t recommend it unless you have developed Vassal modules before and can figure out how undo any damage done.

Going forward in the full ETO module under development (full theater map, TITE + TMS + some Volume V elements), we are adding an Allied side. However it has the same access rights as the Soviets, and they can mess with each other’s stuff.

If as a practical exercise, you have teams of players running both sides, and say, need another Axis player, I could add an Axis2 player. I check this site on occasion, so post here if that is how you are running and would like that feature in the ETO module.

However, I have kibitzed an online game with 5 people and 2 controlled the game and the rest suggested and debated strategy over Skype. IT worked pretty well. I don’t know how clumsy multiplayer would be in email games.

(Frank Chadwick’s ETO Vassal dude)