TI3 PBF Game - Asymmetric preset galaxy 2 - The Revenge!

Welcome to The Topic of the day.

ive made this topic to speed up making a new game to Asymmetric preset galaxy.

Dude, Shaun and me are working as hard and fast as we can to bring our House Rules to Paper (not meaning we will use it here) :smiley:

but I can send you what we have so far.

Awesome, im ready for the good stuff.

Just give us a few more days.

i realy like the new rules you guys made, im super excited.

I am happy to hear that. If you have more input, just let us know.

i had an idea that popped into my head when i was reading the rules over, its nothing fancy but i think you might like it.

Tech 7

Primary ability, Activate : Spend 10 Resources to buy a Tech. (for which you have the prerequasates).
If you do, gain another tech for free. (for which you have the prerequasates).

Secondary: Spend 10 resources to buy a Tech (for which you have the prerequasates)

in this sence, people would not take Tech unless they realy had the Money to buy some, and the Jol Nar player would need to build up some serious cash in order to buy 3 techs each time Tech is activated, wich would be every round normaly.

also making those 2 or 3 DS cc that give tech actualy worth more.

but again, this is only an idea, a lightning to the head idea. let me know if you like it or not :slight_smile:

Hmm, you want to make Tech even MORE expensive?! Even now, people tend to research way too much, spending 6 res better put into ships. No tech is worth 10 resources. In addition, we don’t play with Distant Suns counters, as Zilfalon summarized in the document. It might perhaps work for your group if you want to weaken technology, but I don’t it’s necessary. In addition, it achieves exactly the opposite from our use of Aweberman’s variant techtree. We want to encourage focusing more on interesting techs.


Anyone wanna play a game over vassal real time while we wait?

I can tell you now that this next game wont take place in this forum. logistically its a pain.

okay. just let me know where and when.

We’re almost ready. Recruiting should start tomorrow or Thursday.

cant wait.

still working on a lot of text. Dont worry, your place in the game is held for you. if you really cant wait go to www.timp3.de.to and register. I think tomorrow will pop up a Thread for checking in to the game. If that happens do check in since we have started the recruiting process. We had some interesting ideas about the game in the Forum.

  1. URL: ti3pbf.de.to (its the same forum as before, dont worry Aruze)
  2. Recruiting has started at BGG
  3. Aruze has already signed in :stuck_out_tongue:


Please make sure u have downloaded the right module for the new game:
Download the “theasaris.vmod” of Shards of the Throne.

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Hey make sure you delete your logfiles from the old game. They are filling up again.