Tide of Iron-opponent wanted

Hi! im looking for a game partner/savage opponent for Tide of Irons. Im currently living in Germany and I´m a beginner.
I speak german, english and spanish


If the time difference is not a problem, I wouldn’t mind playing TOI. I prefer using Skype when playing on vassal.

Hey guys,
Im looking for an opponent as well. Im living in Germany (Tübingen) and speak German, English, Spanish as well. I found VASSAL and zuntzu by looking 4 opponent 4 ToI. Skype is ok 4 me. Just drop me a msg.

I thought the TOI module had a problem with not showing the “Infantry” pieces correctly…?

Anybody have the scenarios from original game for download?

check the link I sent u:
fantasyflightgames.com/edge_ … m=8&esem=4
In the Fan made scenarios are some good ones. The scenarios of the booklet are not there, cuz they are imbalanced…