Tigris & Euphrates 2p with custom map


I’m looking to play a 2 player game of Tigris & Euphrates using the cutom 2 player map in the Vassal module.

I can do PBEM or maybe live on Thursday or Friday GMT.

Thank you!

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I don’t do live, but I should be able to squeeze in a 2 player PBEM.

You did not specify the logistics, so what I prefer is conversation over discord and files stored in Dropbox (or perhaps Google drive if you prefer that).
I have my own discord server my discord server invite or if you prefer the public one public discord server invite. (You get moderators and more people to ask for help etc., but also there are thousands online.)

I am quite comfortable with setting this stuff up, and I am happy to do that. If you have any strong alternative preferences, please feel free to say so.



Thanks for the reply! I have played a few Vassal PBEM games on the Vassal PBEM Discord server. Would you comfortable doing that and sharing files on via the room chat on Discord? My username there is anewcar if you want to message me to set something up.

Thank you!