Time to play

Hey there,

I haven’t played on vassal before but I’ve not been able to figure out when to play with people other than setting up things on a forum or something.

I’m on the East Coast United States with fairly flexible hours and have modules setup for:

-Twilight Struggle
-Twilight Imperium
-Tide of Iron
-Warrior Knights

I haven’t played around with much other than Twilight Struggle, and I own all but Dune of the games listed and have played the physical copies of them on occasion.

I hear you! I’ve had trouble setting up games as well. I usually can find someone to play Memoir 44 with if I hang around long enough but that is about it. Maybe I’m not being aggressive enough. Anyway, of your list the only game I own is Pandemic. I am reasonably familiar with the rules and I think I could play it, I don’t have the expansion, though, which seems to be built into the module. Let me know if you want to play and I’d be happy to set up a time.