TKrieg/ axis Empires

in Axis Empires no matter if you choose axis or allies or western you can choose any faction’s card and put it in the current/ pending cards window

TKrieg only allows you to put only your own faction’s cards in this window
which is aproblem as often you play 2 factions (allied and soviet) and also makes it hard to play solo.

Both games only allow to see one faction’s hand (although another window alllows you to see each faction’s cards)

How can you alter TKreig’s modules settings so that you can select all faction’s cards and place them in the current/ pending cards window
For both Axis Empires and TKrieg how can you create a “Combined Allies” faction that allows you to use both Allied and Soviet faction’s cards?

For both games hhow can you create an “Every faction” allowing you to use all factions cards