To Be King (V0.3) - An Original Fantasy RP

I have a game that I've been developing (when time permits) for over 15 years now. It's been through several versions and re-designs. When I found the Vassal engine and realized I could make a computer game out of it, I got pretty excited. I have enough done now to where I can show it off a bit. If you'd like to take a look, go by and click the "To Be King" link. ...and make sure to checkout the "Updates Page". I'm keeping the module private among friends, at the moment, as I'm using downloaded graphics to make it more visually appealing and those will obviously need to be replaced with original artwork before I could release it publically. I have one artist who's helping out but I could really use some more help. If you are an artist and/or a Vassal Engine whiz and/or a Java coder and you like what you see and you wish to get involved, drop me a note. - The Doc