To The Last Man - pbem anyone?

Looking for a pbem opponent for TTLM. Haven’t yet played it but have recently bought a second-hand copy. The rules and play aids are all available for download and I can send the links for same by email. Anyone fancy a try? The rules are short, very clear, low piece density, and a great little piece of “fog of war” whereby the exact units in your armies are “hidden” until point of combat.

I’ve tried PBEM once (and I made the module for this game, by the way). Unfortunately, my opponent and I abandoned the game by mutual agreement with just 3 turns in the books. I really underestimated the amount of back-and-forth in the combat resolution, which turned out to be fairly excruciating. So much hinges on whether a player is going to take losses from units or by playing ersatz cards, and then there are choices about retreats, retreating before combat, etc.

However, I think a live game would work quite well. I don’t mean to dissuade you from trying PBEM, you may well find it works just fine for you. But I thought you might want to hear about my experience.

Thanks Joel,
Funny but soon after I posted the thread, I had a sudden jolt as to how the combat sequence is resolved due to one’s choices! I checked this post just now with a view to editing/adding same to my post. Oh, well, not such a convenient pbem game after all. But no less of a game for all that.
I have an online opponent and we’re due to start a ftf in a week or so, but was impatient to this a go sooner!
Thx for the module by the way!

Yea…Squad Leader is kinda like that too.