Toolbar bug : Buttons not visible !


I have discovered a strange behaviour : Buttons (Global Key Commands on a Private Window) are not displayed into the toolbar menu at the first launch of the window !

This problem occurs at least on Vassal 3.1.13 and 3.1.14.

To see the buttons, you have to resize the private Window … and the miracle appears. Then, for the rest of the game they are displayed. But each time you start a new game, you need to resize your window to see them !

I join you a screenshot BEFORE / AFTER resizing the window.

I have used icons with differents sizes … used 2 differents computers having Java 1.6-5 and 1.6.13 … same behavior on Windows…




I still accept some help …




I mentioned a toolbar bug as well awhile back. I don’t know if it was noticed. The main window toolbar looks fine and behaves normally when editing the mod. However, if you open the properties for the mod to change the version number or add a note and then click the Cancel button, some of the toolbar buttons double up.

Hi Rich,

Thank you …

Well, the problem is more vicious … because it occurs when i add a GKC button in a private window.

All is ok before and all is masked after !

In fact it’s another problem … maybe a java problem too !



I was trying to reproduce this problem just now, but couldn’t. Can you post a test module which demonstrates the problem?

I am experiencing this exact issue in 3.1.18 on MacOS. My player hands all have 4 toolbar buttons that won’t display until the player hand window is resized (even just one iota). Then they pop into view and work fine.

Can I PM you a link to the module? It is not intended for public distribution yet.

Does this still happen with 3.2.2?

No, this was fixed in 3.1.19 as I recall, or perhaps 3.1.20–it hasn’t happened at all in 3.2.x (even during beta or the various test builds I tried).