I’m looking for an opponent in AH’s 1776. Either the original or 3rd Edition Rules. I’m usually a one to two day turnaround; three to four days is a rare occasion but I can live with my opponent needing that time frame or longer. Life does at times intrude.
I have the 1776_04.vmod 2.35 MB currently loaded.

If this post is still active and your interest is still there I have a copy of a H 1776 let me know if you’re still interested in PBM of the game.

Hi, Yes, I am still interested in a game of “1776”.

I have changed my e-mail address to wm_scanlan@verizon.net, so please respond there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Is 1962 the your you joined the Army? If so, you beat me by a year before I joined the Navy.

Not looking to be an opponent, but here’s a long slow clap for your patience in looking for someone to play 1776, williamscanlan.