Total Noob Mapviewing Question

So I’ve been looking through the manual and searched the forum, and I’ve probably missed this but I seriously can’t figure it out or figure out what’s going on. So here’s my issue.

I’ve downloaded my map board as both a .jpg and a .png in the editor, but I can’t view it so I can make sure whatever borders I put on it are correct before I finalize anything, and don’t know exactly what options I need to add before I can do so. The map button is greyed out, even after I’ve re-uploaded the board and fiddled with everything for a couple days. So I must be missing something to ungrey it, I just don’t know what.

After that, what exactly do I need to do to make any zone highlights show up on the map board from the start?

Hi, I think I understand… which grid did you select for the board?

For example: [Map Window]/[Map Boards]… Right-click [Board]… add Hex Grid… check Show Grid… then click Edit Grid. That should bring you into the board to configure the grid. Those steps should also work if choosing another type of grid.

Hope that helps. I don’t anything regarding zone highlights myself, but hopefully someone else does.

Save your module and then click File → New Game to activate the module. Your map button should then be accessible. You can start a new game while the editor is active. Just make sure to Close Game before saving changes in the editor to prevent any potential issues.

Keep in mind that the game may not reflect all the changes made in the editor if you run it while the editor is open. So, if it appears that there’s a bug somewhere, you should save the module, close Vassal and re-open the game to test it again before driving yourself crazy trying to solve a bug that isn’t there.