Total Noob Question

I’ve downloaded VASSAL, I’ve downloaded a couple of games, now how do I get the games into my library? The files are just sitting on my desktop, and I can’t open them, or drag & drop into my library.

If you put the games files (.vmod files) into some directory where you would like to keep them, then you can run Vassal. When the little “module manager” window comes up, pick “Open” from the file menu, and browse to the directory where you have your .vmod (game module) files. Pick one to open. It will open and you can fool around with the game.

Next time you come back to Vassal, the game(s) you opened will still be there in the module manager menu, easy to select. So you won’t have to keep browsing to the directory every time you want to open a game.

I’m on a Mac. Do I create a folder for the files in my Applications directory, and put the games in it?
Sorry, I’m not a programmer, I just want to play the games, so a lot of the coding language goes right over my head.

Note that the Module Manager is pretty much a set of bookmarks to modules you’ve opened before. If you subsequently move the module file to a new place in your filesystem, the Module Manager will “forget” it (stops appearing in your list) because it’s no longer in the spot that VASSAL had recorded.

Is there a way to quickly add a large amount of .vmod files or is it a one by one thing?

If it’s a large amount you are probably better off editing .VASSAL/prefs/V_Global with an editor.