Totaler Krieg

Looking for a pbem campaign (or random campaign) game with the latest version of the module.

Am up for the campaign game, version 2.23. Will play either side. Send me a note to discuss optional rules. I have only read the random generator notes , never tried them.


Just so all you readers out there know Engineera and I were already playing each other so that means there are two people looking to play more TK, any takers let us know.

I would be interested in TK Axis Empires. I am very new to the system, so will probably make some mistakes. I’ve read through the rules and and tinkered with the intro scenarios, though, and am generally a fast learner.

unfortunately we are playing original TK still. May move up to new game at some time though, thanks.

Anyone know how to get the TK module for the Random Campaign?