Tracking Numbers of Units by Type

Is there a way to assign a property (possibly several) to units and then have Vassal track & report (button on bar) on the numbers on any given map?

Example Display for Main Map:
Infantry: 12 (i.e., has the “Infantry” property)
Infantry-4 3 (i.e., has the “Infantry” and “max_str4” property)
Tanks: 4

There are some games that allow you to build large (but limited) numbers of units and keeping track of how many you have on a large map is challenging…

If there is NOT a way to do this (track & display) - it would be a great and very useful feature…

See the Sum() and Count() functions, added in 3.4…

If you haven’t already looked at them, try also “Game Piece Inventory Window” (from Module folder) and “Text Capture Tool” from a window folder. The GPIW in particular may be just what you are looking for; it provides a very flexible way for filter, sort and present the kind of information that you are talking about and will likely be easier to implement and more efficient that writing your own.