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Image translation is (of course) impossible… but if you want to completely translate a game there will be images that should be changed too, for example counters with text, cards, charts…
You can change lot of properties but a nice adition to this could be modifying images too… that is incluing the image name for one languaje and the image name for the other.

Obviously the other languaje image should be in the package too to be used. I think this could be usefull… anyway there are important features to be done and I can see that translations are not used in vassal usually.

I am very interested to have a play with your Dungeon Twister module English Translation and am happy to comment.

As you can see, the translation facility deals with all of the textual information in the module, and works best if the game is designed with language-independent components.

Alternate images for different languages is tricky, but I will have a think about it.

There are other solutions in the meantime

For counters with language components, you have hit upon the solution of replacing them with a translatable Text label.

For Maps, you can use non-stacking overlay pieces that contain alternate text, one for each supported language. You could use a Global Key Command to let the user flip them all over to the appropriate language.

For Charts, you can either add alternate tabs with additional translated charts, or convert them to a Tabbed Map and use the same method as for Maps.


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