Triumph and Tragedy

Looking for one or two players for occasional games where we meet on Vassal.

I can play. I’m experienced with the game.

still looking for a 3rd? i’ve played a few games but still rusty on a few aspects.

Yes, always looking. Reach me at

I am off work for the holidays and am interested . Have never played but own the board version. If you need a third hit me up. Experienced gamer. Just wrapped up a Russian Front campaign . Looking for my next game .


tried out the game, played it once. Experienced gamer, looking for 3 player game.
Contact me by mail - thanks!


Hey everybody. Still and always looking for PBEM or real time games using Vassal. Best to hit me up at ds80909@hotmail since I don’t check here regularly

Also looking to play, located in Toronto Canada, evenings ready to play