Trivial Bug: highlighted module text color remains black

I notice that in the Vassal library screen the module name doesn’t change to white when highlighted (unlike rest of text and general behaviour).

[attachment=0]vassal library highlighting bug.jpg[/attachment]

Try VASSAL-3.4.13-SNAPSHOT-bug13910-47ba60005:

That works, yes (test on MacOS Big Sur).

For completeness and even less important; when testing I noticed the issue now shows up in the phase where a module is selected and opens. In the snapshot version, the text in the library highlights background grey (as before) but module name foreground is white whilst the other columns are in black (see below). Checking back to v3.4.12 it didn’t do that then - all text was black on grey.

[attachment=0]vassal library module open - color inversion issue.png[/attachment]

I don’t understand how you’re getting to that state. What are you doing to make the selection color to change?

Select a module in the Vassal Library; right click & Open

The colour change occurs when the module opens.


It seems that Macs change the selection colors when a window loses focus. Linux and Windows are also each different from one another in how selection is handled. Java doesn’t give us the necessary controls for fetching any of the behavioral information from the UI themes it uses, so I’m not going to pursue this bug further.