trouble with global properties

I guess I don’t understand global properties as well as I thought I did…

I’m running this test module ( on 3.1.2. There are two sides, British and American, and they are both trying to occupy an objective hex in the middle which will give them 1 victory point. There is a VP window that keeps track of the score. The numbers in the VP window have layers that are tied to a global property that is set when a unit occupies the objective hex.

Last night I played live with an opponent. When my British unit moved onto the objective, the score updated correctly in my VP window to show 1 point for the British. It did not update for my opponent, though, and continued to show 1 point for the American side. I don’t understand how this can be, considering that we were synchronized to each other and logged in as different sides.

I tested it offline by recording a logfile where I moved pieces from both sides onto the objective. The score updated correctly while I was recording, but when I played back the logfile the score did not change even as the pieces moved.

The link will take you to a stripped down version of the module named “Test”.


You were close :slight_smile: You do understand GP’s, just made one small mistake
I have fixed your test module. It was setup incorrectly.
The problem was that you had 2 GP’s called 0927 Control (1 in each map),
only one is being honored (the last in trait order)

To correct we use just 1 GP called 0927 Control and share it across the maps
instead of having 2 of them by placing the GP at the module level instead of
2 of them at each map level.
I’ve upload the fixed mod w/ working logfile here for you … modules&ta


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Ah…of course. Glad to see it’s such an easy fix. That’s twice you’ve saved me now, Tim. Thanks for your continuing support and help!