Troubles with downloading VASL

Hi Guys,

I need to tap into the collective wisdom of the group. I have been desperately trying to download the 5.8 version of VASL and the system freezes at 3.1mb of th 12.9mb to download. I can’t get past that point. I have downloaded the 4.1 version but can’t get any of the scenarios to work because they have all been saved at the higher version numbers.
I am running a ibook G4 with OS 10.4.11

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is a know problem with auto-updating on Macs. You need to run javaws and clear the temporary internet files in the preferences.


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Thanks for the advice. It worked. I was able to download and run the program.

Now when I tried to load a scenario from the list of scenarios on the site, I received a list of errors saying things did not load because they were not present in the correct folder. Are there additional things I need to download that I missed?

I tried to run BV scenario 1 “Fighting Withdrawal” for reference.