Trying to see other people/rooms in 3.1.3

When I log in to try and find an Online Game on the Warmachine section of the server I cannot see any other players or any of the rooms. This is a problem as of 3.1.3. I did not have this as of 3.1.2.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone else have this problem?

I see myself on the main Vassal Server, and I see who else is online, and I can send/receive messages, but I cannot see other people or talk to them.


There happened to be a Warmachine room open when I checked and everything seems to be alright. I can see six players.

If you can see who else is online, what does it mean that you cannot see other people? What are you doing exactly?

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2009/4/2 zorak666 < (>

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I’m having the same problem vykingz is having a few threads up from this one. I didn’t get the error before, the program simply failed to connect and didn’t tell me.

Now I get that error, but it is spotty depending on time of day. Sometimes I get the error, other times, not.

So this works sometimes and others not? Same for Warmachine?

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2009/4/7 zorak666 < (>

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