Trying to test hidden units by running two instances of the module simultaneously

Ok I want to try to see if my action to hide blocks is working for online play. For my solo tests I know it works because I have a separate button for solo mode. However how can I test the normal version of hiding the blocks from opponent if I can’t run two separate versions of the module at the same time. I know you are going to say you can. Yes I can load up two to run. The problem is when I set the game up to run as an online game both versions will use my name Jesse in the game room. And when I try and select one Jesse to play the Axis and the other Jesse to play the Allies it just switches us both to whatever I selected to play. Hence, I can’t find a way to trick the system into thinking we are two separate people playing. Would using say Jesse2 help and how would I change that in the other running version?

You need to change your personal password in the second instance of Vassal you start up. It is the password that us used to key into sides in a game, not your name.


That worked thanks. It’s a weird way to unlock this ability to test a form of hotseat mode so you can see how things work as if it was played online. Perhaps this could be something V4 could add in. Meaning something intentional to allow this and not some trick.

There has long been dissatisfaction with the current model of users/sides/seats, so I wouldn’t expect the way you have to conceptualize it now surviving to a future version of VASSAL.