Trying to Upload a Vassal module file - No link to upload

I have attempted to edit a page (currently pending approval) that included uploading a new version of a Vassal module file, along with some descriptive text edits. The edits worked fine according to the preview, but I did not receive a link to upload the file. The page is “Module:Totaler Krieg! (2nd Edition) / Dai Senso” and this was an update to the existing page. The associated code I entered was:
{{ModuleFile2|filename=Axis_Empires_UE_ver_16.1.vmod|description=Module|date=2024-02-29|compatibility=3.7.5|maintainer={{email||Frank Szarka}}|contributors={{email||Scott Sostack}}}}

When you make wiki edits that include links to a new yet-to-be-uploaded file and then preview those edits, you’ll get a “file doesn’t exist” message where the file size would normally be calculated, and a link to a file upload dialog where you can upload the file in question. Click where I’ve circled in green:

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Thank you Joel, that appears to have worked. On a separate matter, the title of the page is now obsolete and it should be “Axis Empires: Ultimate Edition” (2023). I am unable to edit that. The game had a name change but I thought it appropriate to upload the module as an update to the original game to keep all the history intact.

Pretty sure you’ll have to enlist a moderator to help with that. The permissions for moving a page (the wiki equivalent of renaming) aren’t granted to regular users.