Turn Counter - Add optional GKC

Vassal currently allows you to define a “Global Hotkey” that can be triggered when the turn counter advances.

However, Global Hotkeys are very limited compared to Global Key Commands.

I have a case where I need to trigger some actions when the turn counter advances, however the existing “Trigger Action” trait for a unit does not recognize Global Hotkeys.

I could define a bunch of toolbar buttons (that will never get clicked) solely to be able to be able to recognize the turn advancement global hotkey trigger and then trigger the needed GKC - however this is both inefficient and kludgy.

Unless I am missing something the ONLY way to link hotkeys to Key Commands (IF Hotkey, THEN Key Command) is thru toolbar buttons (which seems a serious limitation).

Enhancement Request: Add optional GKC to the turn counter, similar to the current optional Global Hotkey

Additionally or alternatively, I would suggest that the Trigger Action and GKC unit traits be enhanced to recognize Global Hotkeys