Turn Counter improvements

Many games require players to track some numerical quantity, such as production points or morale levels. Typically, this is done with a special counter and a track on the game board, or with special tokens. But I’ve used the Turn counter to track numerical quantities in a few modules and it seems to work fairly well.

It’d be even better if the Turn Counter were generalized to be a just a ‘counter’ that could be used to track any quantity, including turns, money, production points, or whatever.

  1. Currently, when undocked, the little Turn tracker window is always labeled “Turn” no matter what it’s actually tracking. Can this label be made customizable, so that the label at the top can be adjusted to read ‘Production Points’ or whatever?

  2. It’d be helpful to have some kind of ‘counter reset’ so that the quantity it’s tracking can be returned to its starting level with a single keystroke. Some quantities need to start from some defined level every turn instead of maintaining or increasing from turn to turn.

  3. I’ve noticed if you use more than 1 turn counter in a module, and undock one, they all come undocked. Likewise if you re-dock one; they all re-dock. Can they be made to act independently?

  4. It might be nice to be able to restrict access for a given counter; this way if the quantity tracked were specific to a given side, such as money, the other players couldn’t mess around with it.

  5. Another nice-to-have improvement would be the ability to make a counter part of a window, instead of the entire module. You’d be able to assign them to Map Windows, Player Hands, or Private Windows for players to use to track their own quantities.

Excellent suggestions. I’ve created Feature Request 2631462 for this.


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Any news on this?