Turning Point: Stalingrad

I’d like to play Turning Point: Stalingrad.

I prefer to play online with Skype. PBEM is OK but takes a long time.

I live in Canberra Australia UTC +10 hours. It is difficult to schedule online games with opponents in Europe but other time zones are OK.

Hey mate, :smiley:
I would love to play vs. an experienced player, TP:S is the wargame I’ve played most, although not at all in the last 8-10 years( played Paths of Glory instead:-). However, with countless games under my belt I’am sure, that I won’t be an easy victim for you 8)
And when I say countless, I really don’t know if that were 300, 400 or 600 games. I remember that I created a house rule( when both players are experienced) that the Russians can attempt to refit his artillery immediately. Just a tiny modification, but avoids some passes by the Russians.
I would be interested in a game of Breakout: Normandy, too. I really enjoyed the bombardment, weather and supply rules there, but the bridge destruction, seizure and movement rules are annoying, imho. It is harder to play with a new player, too. Just to give you a comparison, I’ve played about 10-15 times B:N.

And if somebody who read this, did not play TP:S or B:N before, don’t worry ! Especially TP:S is very well suited for beginners, to take the part of the Germans. These games are not like ‘Paths of Glory’, which is Chess +cards and dice rolls. In other words, there is absolutely no way a beginner can beat a ‘PoG’ expert, even with 10 games under his belt, exactly like chess.

In TP:S, both players in a combat roll 2 dices and add their attack strength( boosted by additional troops, German air superiority or terrain, artillery support and rubble in case of the defender. Combined with the unknown number of impulses( action rounds) each day( and especially at night) this forces the players to make the important moves first, so an experienced player still has advantages, but if the beginner rolls 12 and the expert 2 all the time, the beginner will win. This element of deciding what is most important, the quick pace and the continuous chance/threat of a breakthrough to the Volga makes this game so unique and enjoyable. I played a lot of traditional ‘hexagon- I move all my units for the next 2h, then you move all of yours’- games. Even some monstergames, like ‘Siege of Jerusalem’ = 4 players, 2 per side, for 2 weeks, usually 12h per day. We quit before we ended the 3rd or 4th Scenario of 12 in the Campaign game. However after I played TP:S, those traditional wargames were no longer bearable.