Tutorial for starting Squad Leader game!

Does anyone have a tutorial for starting a SL (Squad Leader) game in Vassal?
Me and a friend have tried to start a game but we just hits snags all the time.
Like he can’t see a map, If I load the savefile for start of scenario 1 he can’t see the map, just the counters.
If he loads the save file he still can’t see the map.
All boards are in a subfolder in “documents” both on his and on my computer.
Are we doing something obvious wrong here?

Can your friend see the map if he starts a game?


And if I choose ”new game” i can select a board but then only click ”finish” not click ”next”! :-0

Can your friend see any maps at all in the dialog where you select maps?

This is what I see in the dialog which appears when I select File > New Game:

The Next button is supposed to be disabled, as there’s no next panel in the dialog.

No, I just checked with him, he can’t see any maps…

That’s the problem identified, then: If your opponent can’t see any maps in the New Game dialog, it’s likely the case that he has no maps in the directory selected as the Board Directory. He needs to select the directory where he’s put the maps.

I’m pretty he had, but I will make him double check and we’ll try again!