Twilight Imperium live Monday August 3rd noon EST ?

Hi all!
I just bought the Shattered Empires expansion of TI3, and discovered

  1. That it rocks :smiley:
  2. That is doesn’t come with opponents… :open_mouth:

That is what brought me to find this forum; I am new to the vassal engine and I might not be qualified to GM a game, but I at least got it to work and I am wondering if some of you are willing to give it a try for an online live game.

This is summer for me: nothing to do during week days. Anyone up for an afternoon of TI:SE?


  • Eddie!

Are you free for this summer also?
I want to play some twilight imperium III.
Sorry for my bad english, but call me, if you are free!

if exist some interest in ti 3 still a year after message me