twilight imperium PBEM anyone?

Anybody interested in a PBEM Twilight Imperium game?

I’m interested.

Im in

I would love to do that.

The new Shards module is almost ready. We are in testing stages right now.

Oops, forgot to check this thread and already got 6 people on another one. Jpsuchecki, does the Shards module support 8 people yet? If it does, then at least two of you can join (and there may be cancellations in my original group). Alternatively we can split up into two groups. Let me know what you all want to do!

No, the new module only supports six people. There is a new module that is in the works that will support not only 8 people, but will have the premade maps for the Fallen Empire option.

I propose we do a PBF game rather than a PBEM game and use this thread, rather than email, to share .vlog files (as well as for any communications that people want to do outside of log files.)

Below also are my proposed rules/terms. If you would like to play, please reply below and indicate your acceptance of the terms, even if you’ve done so on my BGG thread. If you don’t agree with some of the terms, feel free to indicate that. If at least 2 people don’t agree, I’ll do a vote. (But of course please be aware that this wil delay game start.) I’ll wait for a few days to let people check in. If there are more than 6 players, we can split up into two games, with the split probably based on keeping people with like preferences together.

  1. We will be using the new Shards vassal module.

  2. You have to own the base game and all expansions, or otherwise be able to look up card text (only card titles are available on Vassal.)

  3. Obviously you have to know how to use vassal and the module. It’s easy to learn though.

  4. When you finish your turn and post a logfile, announce who is next. That next person has 24 hours to post something (i.e. either a logfile or a request for an extension), exepct when they announced previously that they will be absent. Note that checking in once a day at the same time will always comply with this rule, and usually several days will pass before you actually have to do anything.

  5. Commitment for the duration of the game (might take half a year?). If you absolutely have to quit, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

  6. There are a few loopholes in Vassal that allow cheating in PBF games. If there is no GM, you have to promise not to cheat. (Alternatively, if somebody would like to volunteer to serve as a GM, then there are ways that person can make sure there’s no cheating.)

  7. We’ll try to optimize the seating order according to people’s schedules. Default case will probably be in ascending order of players’ time zones.

  8. Official rules only, no houserules.

  9. All communications, deals, and scheming should be done in this forum or in Vassal chat. Secret private communications are allowed, but you must let everybody know that you are sending somebody a private message. This is similar to what would happen in a face-to-face game.

  10. Proposed options: pretty much fully tricked out. Specifically,

a. Strategy cards:
all white, with Trade III and Assembly II.

b. Objective options:
Voice of the Council
Preliminary objectives

c. Tile variations:
Territorial distant suns
The final frontier
Wormhole nexus
Custodians of Mecatol Rex

d. Player abilities:
Race-Specific techs
shock troops
space mines
mechanized units

e. Battle options:
tactical retreats
sabotage runs

Hi there, I would like to take part, however I’d suggest we play without Political Intrigue (and therefore with Assembly I) in order to save a lot of time and perhaps also without Distant Suns/Final Frontier. What does everybody else think?

Regarding Objective options, what is “Homeworlds”?

Homeworlds is an official option available on the FFG website. Essentially it states that no victory points can be gained (except for artifacts) if the player is not in posession of all of his home planets.

I’m certainly open for a discussion of whether or not to use Political Intrigue (or anything else), at least while we wait for others to check in. I’ve never played with it, but I imagine that if we impose a time limit (24h?) on the negotiation part, it should probably be ok. Right? In any case, if there is at least one other person who would prefer not to use Political Intrigue, then I will put it up for a vote.

Incidentally, I am waiting for the following people to either check in or cancel their participation:

John (jpozsr)
Richard (Tuna Dude)
Shaun (theasaris)
Jake (Otterjets)
Dario (falcondp)
Zilfalon (Zilfalon)
Jason (ThaTsRight)
Andrew (Tretiak)

Keep in mind that if you don’t agree with some of my rules/terms, you can still check in and let me know you’d like to appeal a rule or term.

Ah, thanks, I hadn’t realized that that even was a variant. :slight_smile:


John (jpozsr)
Richard (Tuna Dude)
Shaun (theasaris) - checked in
Jake (Otterjets)
Dario (falcondp)
Zilfalon (Zilfalon)
Jason (ThaTsRight)
Andrew (Tretiak)

Suggestions to be put up for discussion:

  • Political Intrigue
  • (Territorial) Distant Suns
  • Final Frontier

Tuna Dude checking in. No real objections to any of the rules.

Looks like you already have enough players, but if anyone is mia I’d like to get in on this.

Well, AbsoluteZero, as you can see I only have 4 people checked in so far in more than two days (me, shaunm, Tuna Dude, and you). Not sure why the others are being quiet, but if we don’t get up to 6 in the next several days, then you’re definitely in. Also, in case more than 6 people check in, my idea is to do a random draw among all those checked in, yourself included (or a split based on option preferences). Keep in mind that because Vassal allows games w/o a GM, there is nothing preventing those who don’t get into my game from starting one on their own.

I contacted Zilfalon - he’s from my f2f gaming group - to tell him to check in. Have you decided yet on how to do the race selection and galaxy setup?

Thanks. Regarding race selection / galaxy setup, I was proposing the official rules – i.e. random race and player-built map. We can do the race by each player drawing the top tile of the homeworld stack. As with everything, however, if there are at least two people wanting to appeal my baseline decisions, I’ll put it up for a vote.

Zilfalon checking in.

I know long PBEM from Civ IV, (which might take 2 years to complete), but this is a whole new calibre.
Also, I have checked Vassal out, got the module, probably gonna play with it a little, but I am sure Shaun and me will help each other out and get that right.

I dont really care what options you wantto take, so far nothing sounds to bad for me to complain. Do what you think is right, since I havent played to much TE yet, and just once with Shaun the newest Expansion. Whatever you choose, I will follow.

I’m fine with most of the rules as stated. I am a little hesitant about distant suns and final frontier without a GM (unless there is a feature of vassal I’m not aware of, it’s just too easy to cheat with potentially high rewards).

ok so quick note. After six hours of play on the new shards module, StrangeTim and I have found about 10 more mistakes. This means the new module with up to 8 players will be coming out sooner then we anticipated. I’m still not sure on an exact date. However, most of the mistakes in the module are very minor, and do not effect the game. Most of you might not even be aware that they are there.

The Distant Suns and Frontier counters can only be viewed by the person who places them on the board. Without a GM, I don’t suggest this option.

I myself wouldn’t mind doing the actual GMing. It would give me a chance to look into more bugs. I would suggest if there is a GM to have a premade board by the GM. Have the GM randomly assign 2 races and let the person pick the one they want. Then have people random for their spot on the board.

Anyway some food for thought.

It would be fantastic if you could GM for us!