Twilight Struggle 2.4b1 Track Mouseover Issues

Software Versions:
Twilight Struggle 2.4 Beta
VASSAL 3.1.0b1
Mac OS 10.5.4

Issue: When I mouseover any of the game tracks (Action Round, Game Turn, Victory, Space Race, MILOPs, DEFCON), I presume this is supposed to display a zoomed pop-up of the given track. However, what I see is just an empty box, showing only the marker state, minus the background image of the track itself.

Thus spake “miyazakigrognard”:

The popup is for viewing counters only—it’s not a general board magnifier.
(We might create one of those someday.) It’s not indended to show the
background which the pieces are against. In fact, it’s intended not to show
the background which the pieces are against, since that could in some
circumstances defeat the purpose of the popup by making the counters hard
to see. (Consider if you had counters which were a similar color to the
map). The counter detail viewer is intended to show you the contents of
stacks of pieces and pieces at full size when you’re zoomed out. If you
look at a module which has stacking (you’d never have any reason to stack
pieces in TS), you’ll see what I mean.


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The pop up of pieces in TS is only intended so users do not need to zoom in the entire map.

As Joel mentions it is more beneficial and generally used for stacks, however many old eyes appreciate the need of not having to constantly zoom in / out map to read things, and why it is in there

— On Mon, 8/25/08, Joel Uckelman wrote:

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Alright. Odd, since the zoomed boxes are exactly the same proportions as the tracks to which they pertain, and I can’t see a use for zooming only the markers, devoid of their full informational context. At least with regard to the Space track, a complete enlarged view on mouseover would be most welcome to my old eyes. The zoomed views of the individual country boxes show counters and their background, so presumably this is possible to implement for the tracks as well.