twilight struggle and labyrinth opponents wanted

New to both games. Only have solo experience with Labyrinth. I have more experience with Twilight Struggle but I am also definitely still learning. Live EST or pbem.

Hiya, I’d be happy to play Labyrinth with you. Do you have a preference for time?

PM sent.

Up for PBEM with acts and vassal for TS. PM me if works for you.

Still looking for players. Especially Labyrinth but TS too.

PBEM is best at the moment, though live play can be scheduled.

I have space in my schedule for one more PBEM game. Labyrinth or Twilight Struggle. Vassal with ACTS.

Abu I have both games but never managed to play through them fully as learning still. Would like to play more often if you are still looking for opponents?

I am in the UK so would need to agree suitable time, I am 6+ ahead of you if your in NY?


I’m a candidate for Twilight Struggle PBEM (with the new Module).