Twilight Struggle Font

I’d like to update the cards in Twilight Struggle to represent changes in the 2nd edition, and correct some omissions in the card text.

I’m capable of doing the graphic work myself, but would like to keep the font consistent. What font was used to make the cards in the module?

Here’s the errata I’ve come up with so far. Anyone else notice anything I’ve missed?

Early War
6 China Card
Add text “Cancels effect of ‘Formosan Resolution’ if this card is played by the US player.”
7 Socialist Governments
Add text “Unplayable as an event if ‘The Iron Lady’ is in effect.”
11 Korean War
Remove DEFCON reduction
13 Arab-Israeli War
add -1 to die roll if Israel is US-controlled
Add text “US Controlled countries in Europe may not be attacked by play of the Brush War Event.”
24 Indo-Pakistani War
Add text “Player adds 2 to Military Ops Track.” Add to victory condition: “…replace opponent’s Influence in target country with your own.”
31 Red Scare/Purge
Change ops value to 4
32 UN Intervention
Add text “May not be played during headline phase.”
103 Defectors
Add text “(unless played on the space race)”

Mid War
45 Summit
Add text “Do no reroll ties”
55 Willy Brandt
Card is also unplayable by “Tear Down This Wall”
58 Cultural Revolution
China card is claimed face up and ready for play
59 Flower Power
Brush War is also considered a war for the purposes of this card. Cards played on Space Race do not count.
Unplayable as an event if “North Sea Oil” is in effect.
67 Grain Sales to Soviets
US may also conduct operations normally if USSR had no cards
68 John Paul II Elected Pope
Allows play of Solidarity

Late War
87 The Reformer
Improves effect of “Glasnost” event

I have already passed the module on to some one to update to the deluxe
They are working on it now with original art I believe

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