Twilight Struggle for PC planned for late 2012 by GMT

Posted by GMT Games on June 6th, 2012…

Twilight Struggle for Windows PC now on GMT Games P500 pre-order!

Expected release date: late 2012 … ws-pc.aspx

This is not from GMT Games, just a TS fan that wants GMT to reach 3,000 pre-orders and have success with their first software project, so more will follow.
Copied directly from the link above (current as of June 7th, 2012):

Since its release in 2005, GMT’s Twilight Struggle boardgame has brought the strategic challenges of fighting the Cold War to life on the game tables of tens of thousands of strategy game players worldwide. Over the years, one of the most oft-repeated pieces of feedback from players of Twilight Struggle has been “When are you going to make a Twilight Struggle computer game that lets us play against an AI and against other players?” We’ve been working on the answer to that question for the past 18 months or so, and are now ready to tell you that the answer is firmly “Coming in Late 2012!” So, as of today, Twilight Struggle, Digital Edition, is officially available for Pre-Order.

Game Features:
This is a computer game for Windows PC that faithfully recreates the Twilight Struggle boardgame. All of the cards, rules, and gameplay options are included. Winning strategies for the boardgame will work just as well here (well, except for those times when the AI is truly evil!)
The game allows for both solo play against a computer AI as well as Internet Play versus a live opponent.
You can Save and Resume games in progress.
The User Interface is designed with an auto zoom feature that allows you to use the mousewheel to quickly pan and precisely zoom in to an area of interest or back out to see the big picture.
The game’s operations system is visual and easy to use, allowing card play to be allocated and completed with only mouseclicks - to choose the card, how to use the card, and the location(s) you want to use the card.
Adding and subtracting Influence is accomplished quickly and easily by clicking the top or bottom of the number area in each country.
Current region scores can be inspected by hovering the mouse over region score areas.
Countries eligible for influence placement, coup and realignment are highlighted when selecting the respective options, but before a decision is made
Card Effects, blocked events, discards, removed cards, early/mid/late war cards can all be viewed at any time.
A card tray provides an easy summary of held cards, including their Ops value, faction and event playability.
Real-time chat window for PvP play.
Map automatically zooms to affected countries during play.
Game play options include use of Optional cards, Tournament Play, and Chinese Civil War.

How We are Distributing This Game:

This game will be available only via Digital Download, and only direct from the GMT website. The game will not be sold through any third parties or other online distribution networks.

P500 Orders: We are using the P500 system for pre-orders here, mainly for three reasons:

  1. We want to thank you guys who order early (see #2 below) by giving you a great discount ($19 off) on the game.

  2. Because we are providing the game via our servers, it’s important that we be able to know exactly how many copies we will sell on the day we launch the game, so that we can be sure to have enough server capacity on-hand to handle the load. So although we are not using P500 in our usual manner as a way to determine when we will produce the game, your orders and knowing the total number to expect is going to help us ensure a smooth launch for everyone.

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