Twilight Struggle: starting a new game offline

Concerning Twilight Struggle module 2.3 running within VASSAL 3.0

I would like to play a game via email, all offline, setup by one of the players and the saved game then exchanged as email attachments that are loaded into VASSAL each time then saved again and emailed.

I start by loading the module, selecting start new game offline and I assign myself to one side then perform an action or two as that side (drawing cards) then save it. I take it to a completely different system and attempt to load the saved game but never get asked to assign myself to the other side, it seems to always assign me to the same side.

What am I missing as how to do this, I cannot fathom it??? …and without instructions or solutions, I can only see the ‘fix’ of using the ACTS server to play TS via email???

Please someone assist


Sides in Vassal are directly linked to your User password.
In order to play against yourself (as you describe) you would have to ‘retire’ from the side you are playing before saving, so that when you start game up again it will ask you which side you wish to join

nicolek wrote:

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If you are playing by email, your opponent will assign himself to the other side, and so each of you will see only what you are supposed to (i.e. your own hands). Once the sides are set (linked to each of your passwords), it should “just happen”, automagically.

“Retiring” from one side to join the other side is only required for solitaire play.