Typical fantasy modual

Hello there. I did the tutorial and looking for your typical fantasy mod that would have the proper monsters, terrain, and other assorts that you would find in such a D&D game.

Could someone point me to the right place.


Hi Michael.

There are a couple that I know of: the first one is RPG Mapper and the second is RPG Tactical, the latter being a module I created to cope with some issues I found in the former (yes, it is a sort of advertisement :slight_smile: ).

You can find them in the modules page along with other fantasy rpg modules: vassalengine.org/community/i … &Itemid=30

Thanks I was trying to do it on my own. Oy, what a learning curve this program has.

Thanks again.


Well… I guess you don’t have a tutorial do you :slight_smile: That’s some job you did! I think you should advertise it more and do a tutorial! (HA!)


I thought that “looking for your typical fantasy mod” meant that you were looking for a ready module.

What do you mean by having a tutorial? If you mean a tutorial on how to make a module, there are module creators in the fora that are much more knowledgeable than I am. Unless you mean a tutorial on how to play the module: I do not really know how to make one, though I know it should be possible with the recorder. Ah, there is an “add tutorial” function in the module editor, in the help section of the module :slight_smile:.

About the “some job”, most of it was made by the creators of DDM2 (miniatures skirmish game) and its rpg mapper extension. I merely modified it to suit the needs of rpg players.

(Clearing throat)… I guess I have not seen them yet. You could be better then you think:)