U.S. Civil War opponent wanted

Greetings -

Just signed up for a Vassal account. Looking for someone interested in playing GMT’s US Civil War — Not a ton of time on my end so a few turns a day — and every once in awhile would have a whole night to spend on the game —

Message or let me know!


Hi, I’ve not learned the game yet but have been playing a lot of GMT’s For the People. Any interest in either teaching this one or playing that one?

Would you be interested in PBEM?

PBEM of which game: US Civil War or For the People?

U.S. Civil War


I have gotten a game started now, and just about full of on available time to spend on Vassal. However, I will keep a contact message on file for a time when I will have room for another game. Thanks for your response.

Thx, I look Forward to playing

I am also looking for vassal opponents for GMT USCW. Send me an email if you are interested. charles.klein@zoomtown.com

Yes I’m definitely up for it


Have opponent for this game now. Advise you all try to link up with each other or another post. Thanks for responding.

If u could send him here thx in advance

Not a huge fan of civil war but I can do it. Is this game “US Civil War” pbem friendly?


Yes, Dave, it is PBEM friendly. Normally I’d jump on any offer to play, but I have found an opponent for this game now and I really don’t have time for another game right now. However I will keep your post as a contact point, and when I finish enough games to allow time I’m sure we will enjoy TUSCW. But if you are not particularly interested in the Civil War, I’m sure you or I have other games we both will enjoy.
Thanks for your response.

Frank (Caesar)
P.S. The Caesar is just an online nickname. I’m not trying to steal glory, LOL. Actually I chose the name to honor a dog I use to have a long time ago, not the ruler of Rome. But some contacts recognize that name quicker than my real name.

ok Frank I looked at the rules and there’s too much back and forth for PBEM (for my taste). Do you like any games with uninterrupted player turns?