Uh oh, Git help needed

Hey git experts…

I just did:
git push -u origin Bugfix13174

…except I was actually working on Bugfix13184 (see the difference? hahaha)

But since I do have a 13174 branch going also, it just pushed all my new crap directly into my Bugfix13174 branch.

Any good hints on how to disentangle them?

Fortunately they don’t involve “overlapping files” but I’m wondering if there’s a “undo that git push -u origin” I just did?


What is the situation exactly, which branches contain which commits that they shouldn’t contain?

Are the last 3 commits here good? github.com/Cattlesquat/vassal/c … ugfix13174

Never mind, thankfully I figured it out. In a miracle of “toast landing buttered side up” proportions, apparently the command I typed merely pushed nothing to the 13174 branch, because there was nothing IN my local 13174 branch to push.

And so all my 13184 stuff was still just sitting locally in 13184 waiting for me to push it properly!

Whew! I was worried it had transmogrified 13174 and 13184 together into some horrifying mess.

Thanks for checking in so fast though!


Ah, good.

And if something was broken there would be several ways of fixing, anti-commits that change certain things back to how they were, history rewrites, and the good old delete-everything-and-push-again. So no worries, as long as the changes are still saved in some branch or patch file, the commits can always be reshuffled in any way we want.