Umpired games for fog of war by Vassal

I wander if umpired games has been already tempted, with Vassal.
One way, I guess this should be possible, would be if the umpire player, has 2 PCs available, in front to him, so that he would be able to observe movements, that may trigger the discovery of enemy forces,l otherwise hidden by the FOW.
However, surely most of us will not be so lucky to have 2 PCs available for such thing.
So, I wander if it would be possible to launch 2 instances of Vassal, on the same PC. I will try by my self, but have not idea if this will work, right now.
think that if you have 2 local installations, maybe this could work. The problem very likely, if this would be possible, will come from the RAM, as some module has pretty big maps.

Well consider this just a weird idea before going to sleep.
BTW, I would like to find a way to play GCACW, with FOW, but without using Force marker, if possible. I will be very glad to know, if someone else may have already went on this path and how it worked out.

Thus spake “Epaminonda”:

You can have multiple instances of the same module open in VASSAL
3.1.0-beta1. This version uses quite a bit less RAM than 3.0.x and
before, so you might find that you can have the same module open
several times in the same amount of RAM that having it open once
used before.


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